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'All Angles CCTV' can design and install security lighting systems to BS7671 standards. Security lighting can act as a deterrent on its own to a thief but if combined with a CCTV system you are able to achieve near flawless night time images.


Most of our cameras we use have integral IR illumination with Array LED technology which realistically covers a 20-30m range with an impressive evenly spread coverage. Depending upon your application if you wanted to view a longer distance at night then you would need to add either additional IR illumination or alternatively LED security flood lighting.


Using additional LED IR illuminators to enhance the night vision capability of your camera can enhance your viewing distance uo to 100m. Your security lighting can be wired in several ways to suit your application and requirements.


Usually we use a photosensor to activate the IR night illumination as its not needed in the daylight, this saves you electricity and prolongs the life of the IR illumination LED’S. Security flood lighting can be wired in the same fashion as the IR illuminators where they automatically turn on when darkness falls or we can provide Led flood lighting with an integral PIR motion sensor that automatically turns on when body heat is detected. Alternatively you could simply have all your outdoor security lighting wired to a manual light switch in your home or office or even turned on/off via SMS message from your phone.


Over the last phew years we have seen LED technology go from strength to strength , its now widely used across the world as it carries so many bennefits in comparison to the traditional halogen lamps. Taking a traditional 500w halogen lamp and comparing it to one of our LED security lights , you can see why LED is the way forward , at only 50w power consumption it still provides the same output as a 500w halogen lamp. Thus saving you a huge amount on your electricity bill.


There are many lighting options to choose from depending upon your application so please feel free to give us a call on 07929274679 to discuss your requirements. Before undergoing any installations we provide you with a FREE site survey followed by a written quotation.




Security Lighting

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